Is it difficult to make disposable degradable knife, fork and spoon? Can sugar cane be made into Environmentally friendly knives, forks and spoons

Disposable knives, forks and spoons have become commonplace in our daily life, especially plastic disposable knives, forks and spoons, which are especially common in fruit fishing, salad light food, western restaurants and other meals.


Daily use of disposable plastic knife, fork and spoon, the price is cheap, bring a lot of benefits to our life, not only can store vegetables and fruits, but also can meet our packaging habits, but plastic tableware has a certain harm to the human body, should be minimized

Some plastic cutlery contains polystyrene, which can release carcinogens at temperatures of 60 degrees Celsius. If people use for a long time, ingestion of excessive carcinogenic benzene, the body may be damaged.


Plastic tableware although very convenient to use, but not only harm the body, pollution to the environment is also very serious, especially disposable knife, fork and spoon, used once after throwing away, not only can not be used twice, and can not industrial degradation, small knife, fork and spoon may take several hundred years to completely degradation, pollution to the environment is immeasurable.

Sugarcane pulp can also be used as a disposable knife, fork and spoon, did you know?


Disposable degradable knife, fork and spoon made of paper pulp molding process, is the use of pulp molding wet pressing process, the plant fiber made of bagasse into the molding machine through the pipeline, forming wet embryo, and then transferred to the hot pressing molding machine for molding, can be made into pure plant fiber degradable tableware.

Disposable degradable spoon, disposable degradable knife, disposable degradable fork, can be made of paper pulp molding process, made of knife, fork and spoon than the traditional process of injection molding process, production costs will increase, but to a certain extent reduce the environmental pollution, if you, you will choose the cane pulp made of environmental degradable knife and fork spoon?

Post time: Dec-28-2022